Do you want to do business with the public authorities one-on-one?
Are you looking for addresses of public authorities for a one-off mailing or for regular corporate communication? Pinakes offers the contact details of 134 000 politicians, functionaries and senior management in over 26 500 public authorities and organisations in Belgium, Luxemburg and EU institutions.
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How does Pinakes work ? What Pinakes is ? What does Pinakes do ?

Who can use Pinakes?

Pinakes can provide the contact details of decision makers in the public sector to companies that work with governments and governmental bodies and to organisations communicating with the government. These companies need correct, complete and up-to-date contact details.

What are the advantages of using Pinakes?

Nothing changes as quickly as contact details. It is a continuously changing market. It is estimated that every year about 30 % of the public sector contacts changes. With Pinakes you can always find the right contact person at the right place and communicate with certain target groups within the public sector, civil society and the socio-cultural sector.

What will Pinakes provide?

Pinakes is much more than a public sector database or address book. It is a platform designed to organise your communications with contact persons in the public sector.


  • Various price options
  • Options to link with other systems
  • Standard and customised reports
  • Automatically updated data
  • Info sessions
  • Newsletter
  • The possibility to add your own data
  • Extensive download and export options
  • Training


Testimonials... Satisfied customers recount their experience with Pinakes

Jules Lesmart

Olivier Lefevre

Mister Smartcities - Jules Lesmart
Our partnership with Pinakes allows the members of the Jules Lesmart ecosystem to communicate meaningfully with the public sector. The Pinakes database helps us to manage our marketing agenda more efficiently as we can send our mailing lists to the right people for the right subject. The Pinakes Consult and Export application also helps us to save time by enabling us to quickly identify and contact interested parties. The continuous updating of the database guarantees us high-quality data that we ourselves would not be able to maintain.

Jan Feys

Regional Manager - Het Nieuwsblad
For the regional editorial staff of Het Nieuwsblad, Pinakes is a big help when setting up and detailing various series and projects. Our staff can quickly find the contact persons of local authorities anywhere in Flanders. We have used Pinakes for the Municipal Report, for which the newspaper makes a mid-term analysis of the councils, and more recently for some tests related to the provision of services by municipal authorities.