Are you looking for addresses of public authorities for a one-off mailing or for regular corporate communication? Pinakes offers the contact details of 126 000 politicians, functionaries and senior management in over 26 000 public authorities and organisations in Belgium, Luxemburg and EU institutions.

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  • Pinakes, de overheidsdatabank
  • Pinakes, de overheidsdatabank

Contact persons

In our database you can find all decisions-makers and contact persons together with their roles and specific responsibilities. 
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Pinakes has the details of more than 26,000 organisations in its database. 
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To enable you to easily find the contact persons and their organisations, we have divided our database into categories. Click here to see which categories would be useful to you.

Who can use Pinakes?

Pinakes can provide the contact details of decision makers in the public sector to companies that work with governments and governmental bodies and to organisations communicating with the government. These companies need correct, complete and up-to-date contact details.

What are the advantages of using Pinakes?

Nothing changes as quickly as contact details. It is a continuously changing market. With Pinakes you can always find the right contact person at the right place and communicate with certain target groups within the public sector, civil society and the socio-cultural sector.

What will Pinakes provide?

Pinakes is much more than a public sector database or address book. It is a platform designed to organise your communications with contact persons in the public sector.


  • Various price options
  • Options to link with other systems
  • Standard and customised reports
  • Automatically updated data
  • Info sessions
  • Newsletter
  • The possibility to add your own data
  • Extensive download and export options
  • Training


Testimonials... Satisfied customers recount their experience with Pinakes

Jan Feys

Regional Manager - Het Nieuwsblad
For the regional editorial staff of Het Nieuwsblad, Pinakes is a big help when setting up and detailing various series and projects. Our staff can quickly find the contact persons of local authorities anywhere in Flanders. We have used Pinakes for the Municipal Report, for which the newspaper makes a mid-term analysis of the councils, and more recently for some tests related to the provision of services by municipal authorities.

Aurore Roelandt

Publisher - Politea
Pinakes is a valuable tool for us. It is easy to use as we can quickly check the contact details of a reader or the postal address of a department. Moreover, the Pinakes team always listens to our needs and responds to our questions with a smile. A winning combination which simplifies our day-to-day work.

Nadja Desmet

Entrepreneur -
Pinakes to me means looking up the contact details of my target group and finding them. How else would I be able to reach them? The data are optimised on a daily basis and this enables us to send targeted information to local authorities (towns, municipalities, social welfare centres, police zones, etc.).


Telephony, Internet, TV, mobile & smartphone
Through the years, Pinakes has proven to be a valuable tool in setting up targeted actions in the public sector. Proximus is keen to add the available data to its own address lists. We do this regularly, several times per year.

Christel Raddoux

Commercial department Authorities and Companies - Ethias
Employees of our company have been using Pinakes since its creation. They value its database with information on the public sector in Belgium and Luxembourg, but also on the European level. Pinakes enables you to use simple filters to search for a broad selection of data, but also for targeted information. The required contact details can then be exported and added to your own data. And if you have any questions, the Pinakes team is always available to quickly help out in an efficient way. At the moment we are working on more extensive links between the Pinakes database and our own CRM tool. In this way we no longer have to carry out a manual update for these data, which saves time, and we can be sure that our information is up-to-date. The Pinakes Newsletter adds to this by providing an overview of the latest appointments and changes in the public sector. A handy reminder if you have forgotten who has recently been appointed in a particular organisation.

Ann Baerten

Events Department - UCLL
For us as a university it is important to build good customer relationships with our key stakeholders. That is why Pinakes is a very useful tool in obtaining up-to-date contact details so we can provide targeted information. The good thing about Pinakes is not only their excellent database but also their service. If we are unable to find certain data in the extensive database, the people of Pinakes are there to quickly help us.