Who uses Pinakes?

Pinakes is indispensable for companies who have the public sector as (one of) their target group(s.) Pinakes enables you to communicate with the public sector in a targeted way.

An example: suppose your company is active in the energy sector. With Pinakes you can select environmental and sustainability officials at local authorities, contact persons responsible for energy, municipal councillors responsible for energy and of course the financial administrators. You will receive an Excel file with their names, postal addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. You can also use combinations: we link organisations to roles and responsibilities, enabling simple and/or complex selections of the target groups you wish to reach.

Have you ever thought about the public sector as a market for your product or service? The public sector is a reliable customer, which operates more and more efficiently. This efficiency is translated by the public sector into more public sector contracts for the private sector. Add the public sector to your marketing strategy. Pinakes helps you build a sustainable relationship with public authorities. Pinakes enables you to communicate with the public sector in a targeted way.

What can you use Pinakes for?

Pinakes is a database in which you can make complex selections to filter out the right contact persons within the public sector. Pinakes enables you to communicate with the public sector, through various formulas. Thanks to Pinakes your communication is received by the right people within the public sector. You will get to know the right people in the labyrinth of public authorities You select the authorities - the roles - the responsibilities with whom you want to communicate. You obtain ordered lists with the contact details of these public sector departments and their managers. With one action everyone receives your company information.

How are contact details in Pinakes kept up-to-date?

You always have immediate access to the most up-to-date contact details because the Pinakes data editors update the database on a daily basis with the aid of different sources: regular and thorough updates, numerous media sources, official publications, postal returns of customers and partners, and spontaneous updates on the part of the authorities.

Is it possible to place an advert in the Pinakes Newsletter?

The Pinakes Newsletter appears every two weeks and offers an overview of the main personnel changes within the public sector. With the Pinakes Newsletter you can reach our 51,000 e-subscribers (public sector administrations, the socio-cultural sector and civil society) of which 7,000 unique website visitors per month.

You can place your advertisement as one of the news items in the Pinakes Newsletter. You pay a fixed amount per newsletter. To give you an idea of the costs: an advertisement of approximately 500 characters and an image of 1024 x 684 pixels costs EUR 400. Contact us if you would like more information about this.

When can you use the direct email addresses?

With the "direct email" option of Pinakes you can download the direct professional email addresses of your contact persons. Pinakes would like to make you aware of the Act of 11 March 2003 on certain legal aspects of information society services: you commit to not use electronic mail for advertising without the previous, freely given, specific and informed consent of the addressee (Article 14, § 1). In each electronic mailing you must also include an opt-out clause whereby each recipient can have their details deleted from your mailing lists free of charge.

Pinakes Export Manual

To quickly get started with the export function of Pinakes, we provide a manual to our users. 

Download the PDF in dutch here.